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About Corona

The Hobby Sommer Versand team awaits your orders, please use our webshop as usual.
We look forward to orders for this year's new products and deliverable goods. However, it may take longer time until we can deliver, some of our suppliers currently have a delivery delays.

! Our Shop in Salzburg is not open on Sunday December 19th !

Since December 13th, 21 we have opened our shop in Salzburg again at our normal opening times. that means Mon-Fri 9:00-12:30 am / 2:30 - 6:00 pm and Sa 9:00-12:00 am.

We can also be reached in Salzburg by email (for contact details, see Salzburg above), If you have pre-ordered articles, you can still have them sent to your adress. Please bring your mouthguard with you, keep your distance, we pay attention on disinfection in the shop. .

Please also buy in our small shops in Corona times, We look forward to continuing in our business contact and wish you all the best in these turbulent times.

Angela Feichtinger, CEO

Hobby-Sommer's worldwide mailorder service wishes you a pleasent stay!

Have a look into our flea-market and the limited editions list, into our modeltrain search-engine, generate your personal wishlist within our Webshop and use the Quick-order-entry in case you are in a hurry.

Shop Salzburg: Tel. (++43) 662 874888, Fax: ext-14
Mail-Order Service Schiedlberg: Tel. (++43) 7251 22277-11, Fax: 22277-16

News on the Hobby Sommer website
21.01.2022 In autumn Roco has adjusted the prices, so please have a look on your planned orders for now. Roco autumn novelties 2022 are online, in the upper right corner of the Roco page you can download the news leaflet on Roco, all articles with the prices can be found at the bottom of the page or under Roco new items 2022.
21.01.2022 Fleischmann still increased the prices in autumn. Fleischmann news 2022 are online, in the upper right-hand side of the Fleischmann page Fleischmann you can download the news leaflet all articles with the prices can be found at the bottom of the page or under Fleischmann news 2022.
31.01.2022 New prices from Piko are online, but still novelties and newly delivered items. As always at the beginning of the year, the prices were adjusted at Piko, please have a look on Piko.

The news leaflets 2022 have arrived
 News leaflets 2015
The Nürnberg Toy Fair is postponed

The Toy Fair in Nürnberg 2022 will come later this year but some of the new models 2022 have been introduced. See wonderful locomotive or passenger coaches, railcars or freight coaches, accessories for your layouts, buildings, decoder or the newest loco in 0, you now will find many of the new items on the different producers sites (only use the links on the left side). On some of the sites you have the possibility to download a new items 2022 pdf. (just see on the site for the brand) and have a look on the list of news of 2022 - please use the link to the new models on the bottom of the different sites - like Roco, Fleischmann, Brawa, Jägerndorfer, Piko and Liliput.

other brands ...

the brand names at the left side are only the most requested brands. However, we supply a lot of other manufacturer's products, e.g. Alpha-Trains, Bremod, Brekina, Busch, ESU, HAG, Heljan, Hobbytrain, Kato, Märklin, Mobasi, Noch, PMT, Rietze, Signalmeister, Vitrains, Weinert, and many more.
You may find those products either through our search engine or by sending an e-mail request.

stay informed ...

New items, changes, images descriptions and prices are continuously added in our onlineshop. In case you like to stay tuned, please enter your eMail below; we'll inform you everytime a group of products is updated. Of course, you may demand to stop this free information at any time.
Especially in regard of small series productions this is the best way to stay informed.

my eMail address:

Web-Shop. Buy directly from your computer.

Receive the hobbysommer-express (i.e. notification of changes, new models, occasions, limited series, order deadlines etc) by eMail? Leave your address here !
Red underlined text indicates links (e.g. pictures in our lists). To the left of each pricelists line you see a square mark that can be checked or unchecked. All checked fields are taken to your personal wishlist if you click 'put into my wishlist' at the bottom of each pricelist. You may then send your wishlist to us as an order or print it out for personal use. The abbreviation at the right of the price shows the availability of models. More Explanation below of each listing.
Our main idea when programming the webshop was to guarantee a maximum of comfort for you as well as security of your personal data. This is why our webshop works without Cookies, without Java or ActiveX and without saving any personal data. You only have to identify yourself when you definitely order via the Internet (and even there you may use your customer number which does not reveal your identity to anyone external). Further, all private Data will be encrypted before being sent via the net.
In case you do not immediately see what you are looking for, try our Search-page ! - Looking forward to see you again as a new and content hobbysommer customer ... !

Come visit our shop in Salzburg !

Have a view into our shop vitrines. Take a glance of novelties, for-sale items, books, videos, have a look at our working place where repairs and conversions are made, make an appointment with the shop manager or offer second-hand models you want to trade in. The HobbySommer shop in Salzburg is also well-known for its specialized collection and competence in fire-engine models.


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